I was Hopeless But Now I have Hope


There is no doubt that the best investment in life is help. Looking at the incomparable profits or the result it yields. Many of us are where we are because someone helped or invested either time or money on us.

Here is Suleiman Aminu whose life has been changed by an act of kindness. In 2014, Suleiman encountered Christian Faith Ministries where he has experienced the love of God. Suleiman who spoke to the media team in an interview narrated how hopeless and frustrated he became after he ran away from his father who wanted him to practice paganism. As small as he was at that time, he spent hours trekking alone in the night without a home or someone to turn to until one day a good Christian found him in the street and brought him all the way from Kano State to Jos. As Suleiman arrived Jos, he was brought to Christian Faith Ministries where his life will be transformed.

According to Suleiman who spoke confidently in English; when He came into Christian Faith Ministries, the language he could speak was Hausa and nothing else. That; he had no education, no direction, and no hope. It was in Christian Faith Ministries that he was introduce to primary three at the age of 13, from where he began to learn English and alphabets. The school saw his progress within the period of one year and decided to permit Suleiman’s request to sit for a com
mon entrance which will enable him get admission into JSS1 (Junior Secondary School Class One). Suleiman passed the entrance examination and now, he is in SS3 and about to sit for secondary school final year exam (WAEC).

In Suleiman’s words, “As I speak, ever since I left home about ten years ago, my parents did not look for me, they don’t know where I am staying as their first child, and they don’t even care to know how I am doing. Christian Faith Ministries is like a pillar in my life, I don’t know where or what I would have done without this ministry, I was hopeless but now I have hope. Here, I have access to free education, food, shelter, medical services, clothes, computer skills, hair styling and many other things. Above all, I have been introduced to the knowledge of God. Indeed, the world would have been better and less of crime or all these Boko Haram insurgences if we have many people who are willing to help. I am very grateful to God and Christian Faith Ministries for changing my life. I pray that God will bless the ministry and increase it financially.”

Suleiman’s story is not only inspiring but also challenging, his life has been transformed because someone cares. We can see what help can do to a hopeless life and therefore, we all have to agree with God by investing into people’s lives most especially hopeless children around us.

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