Education For Life And Harvest


Yearly, Christian Faith Institute as a bible college receives hundreds of students from within Nigeria and the surrounding nations like Cameroun, Chad, Niger and Benin.

Most of these students come from the northern part of Nigerian where insurgency groups have rendered survivors impoverished, churches scattered and village communities destroyed. Aside from the fact that many schools in the north have been closed down by the government due to the activities of these bandits or insurgencies, many other people have never been to school because almost 85% are farmers.

A cross section of Hausa year one students during peace building lectures

The question many of these with no help may ask is, what could be the reason for this open door to study at a bible college, since many don't have a basic knowledge of reading or writing, which is normally required in any institution in Nigeria. This deficiency has shut the door tight to so many thousands of people ready to learn and serve with all their hearts. Our team work tirelessly to teach every student how to read and write. More such extra classes are staring up this week.

Looking at Christian Faith Ministries and her activities most especially in the area of giving to the poor, many have witnessed with their eyes how many lives changed and this news is carried to many places both far and near. And so, many of these students who come from broken areas in the north have been told by many other witnesses that Christian Faith Institute is not just a college but a home for the poor. It does not matter whether you know how to read or write, and it does matter whether you have money or food, Christian Faith Ministries will accept you and train you to serve God, family, church and nation. Everyone who passes through has a future they never expected. 

This makes Christian Faith Institute the only option to many students, most especially people from insurgency troubled areas. And one noticeable thing about it is that about 97% of these students are between the ages of 18 and 28. It becomes a burden on Christian Faith Ministries not only to educate them but also to feed and clothe them. They are given 100 percent scholarships to learn, free access to medical services, free accommodation and training in vocational skills.

New students are admitted every six months. Just a week ago, Christian Faith Institute matriculated 165 new students, the highest number in the history of the institute, and the majority of these students are from the northern part of Nigeria and other insurgency ravished areas. Their regions have been devastated and God has called them to help rebuild and restore. This demands for more space, sleeping beds, food, teachers and many other things. This is the cross Christian Faith Ministries has to carry and follow Christ to care for his church. 

The joy is that these students are not just learning about Christ, they seeing the practical aspect of peace building and Christian faith which cares for the poor and they spread this to restore conflict regions wherever they go.

A cross section of the 25th Matriculation of Christian Faith Institute last week

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