I am Very Excited And Hopeful


Victoria Abraham a mother of three girls is about to complete her two years vocational training in Fashion and Design at Christian Faith Vocational Centre. Speaking with Victoria, she enumerated several benefits of the vocational skills she has acquired to her life and family. To mention but a few, she said apart from earning a living from these free vocational skills given to her, she can now sew clothes for her children, and that she even sewed Christmas clothes for herself and her children.

Victoria Abraham said she heard about Christian Faith Vocation from a pastor who she used to sell fruits to in the front of his Church. The pastor approached her and asked her if she had heard about Christian Faith Ministries empowerment program, but she told the pastor that she had not. At that point the pastor gave her direction to come and pick an enrollment form to enable her to become skilled and to support her family, aside from selling fruits.

Victoria Abraham during her class practice at the Christian Faith Vocation

According to Victoria, “The day my application to learn fashion and design was approved, I began to think positively about my future. I became very excited and hopeful. In short, Christian Faith Vocation has given me confidence. I had no confidence in myself before but now I walk with confidence. I have learnt a lot within these two years. I really appreciate Christian Faith Ministries for this empowerment programme, it is indeed changing the lives of people of which I am among”.

Hope is the greatest virtue that will ever be given to someone. It can’t be compared to money. Christian Faith Ministries prays that many shall receive hope, especially as people like Victoria also reach out to the poor in the society. Join Christian Faith Ministries in prayers to reach out to many more people.

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