A Smile Of Satisfaction


To Elizabeth, she has no reason why she can’t smile or even dream big after the calamity that struck her family about three years ago. Gunmen had launched an attack on Elizabeth’s village and her father, who was a farmer was killed leaving her behind with her poor mother. It appeared as if all hope was gone because all properties belonging to Elizabeth's family including their farm were destroyed. Elizabeth and her siblings were homeless.

Even with this sad story, Elizabeth is not deterred from her dreams neither does she appeared worried. When Elizabeth, a girl of 10 spoke with the media team about how she feels, she simply replied “I am ok, I am eating well”.

And again, we asked Elizabeth what she would like to become in the future. Elizabeth said she wants to become a medical doctor. Of course, if everything is alright according to Elizabeth, then she has every reason to dream big. As far as she is concerned, Christian Faith Ministries has given her the opportunity she felt she lost.

Like many other children who were brought into Christian Faith Crisis Home, traumatized, Elizabeth came in the same manner. But her trauma has disappeared leaving her with hope. Hope is what Christian Faith Ministries is restoring and preserving in the lives of these children. If it is true that children are leaders of tomorrow, it then means Christian Faith Ministries is preserving not just an individual’s future but that of the entire nation. Some of these children who could not read, write or speak English are now doing well as a result of the special attention given to them.

Lastly, the media asked Elizabeth what she would like to say in this opportunity. She replied, “I want to say thank you for loving me”. To those who are supporting and praying for Christian Faith Ministries, Elizabeth is saying ‘Thank you’. ‘Thank you’ is a response from a happy heart.

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