Only CFM Came For Us


Usman and Hassan

It was a sad moment for Usman and Hassan that the journey they began some years back will unexpectedly come to an end. They both expressed their gratitude to CFM for taking them off the street into school; something they had lost hope of due to poor family background.

Hassan and Usman are among hundreds of children benefiting from CFM’s scholarship aimed at supporting poor children. CFM’s representative was in Hassan and Usman‘s school to pay their school fees and to also inform the school management that CFM is likely not going to continue paying for Hassan and Usman because of financial constraints. On hearing the sad news, they were perplexed.  Recounting from past experiences how CFM had sometimes reduced the number of children on the list of scholarships in their school (Victory Harmony Private School) due to financial reasons. Those who were removed from the list could not continue their secondary education.

According to Usman, “Sir, to be sincere, this is really a sad moment for us in contrast to the day wreceived the good news that a ministry called Christian Faith Ministries (CFM) has come to help us. Do you remember what our school uniforms looked like? Look at how tattered we appeared. Do our uniforms looked like that of someone who comes from a well-to-do family? That is to tell you how happy we were when we heard that an organization like CFM has come to our rescue. Imagine how hopeless we would become now that CFM is going to withdraw this support. We struggle to eat; our parents are very poor and helpless. We live in a society that cares less. All this while no one has come for us; only CFM has been there to see us through. In spite of this sad news, we are grateful to Christian Faith Ministries for paying our school fees for four years now. We are just left with two more years to finish our secondary school. Even if we drop out of school, we can use the little knowledge we have acquired to read and write.”

The Principal, Mr. Hassan Idris also expressed his gratitude to CFM for lifting not just children from his school off the streets but also many other children across Nigeria. He stressed that insurgency is becoming profitable to Nigerian youths most especially the youths in the northern part of the country as a result of illiteracy. According to Mr. Hassan, “Iis unfortunate that CFM is going to withdraw at this moment. I pray for open doors so that CFM will continue if not, these children won’t be able to go further. Take a look at children that were previously removed from your list, all of them stopped going to school. This is to tell you how much this is transforming the society. For example, the parents of these children struggle to eat not even to talk about paying school fees. We thank God for all the years you have been paying their school fees”.

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