CFM Kitchen


The importance of food is vital to livelihood as no one can survive without food. The daily feeding program organized by Christian Faith Ministries is mainly for children of the crisis home, students at the bible college of the institution, disciples, as well as the women at the Mara House. Three square meals given comprise breakfast, lunch, and dinner respectively.

In an interview with a staff member from the kitchen department, she explained that they cook and ensure that food is ready at the stipulated time coupled with the fact that they cook for an estimated number of about one thousand, three hundred students with another hundred coming into the crisis home to add to the number. Meals containing a balanced diet are well arranged to meet the needs of these students ranging from rice, beans porridge, yam porridge, potato, swallow and soup, tea and bread, and pap amongst other delicacies.

To ensure that every student gets his or her meal and to avoid crowdedness, kitchen prefects have been assigned to each of the above-mentioned student bodies to coordinate the sharing as just a few hands from the kitchen will be stressful considering the large number of mouths to feed. 

One would wonder what kind of heart the ministry has towards ensuring that these children and youths are being fed daily seeing the economic situation in the country and the world at large. If the cost of foodstuff alone is being considered, CFM would not have been in existence as more than four (4) million naira is spent weekly on feeding alone, the same and even more monthly and yearly. What an amount that is, yet the ministry strives to ensure that the students are well fed with food aside other necessities they need like toiletries, shoes, books, clothing, and the likes.

The kitchen is situated behind the main chapel with a matron that controls cooking and ensures that everything needed is put in place. The food is shared for all students involved and is coordinated in such a way that every student gets to eat.

Preparing meals for more than 1,400 people in Wurin Alheri

Having a chat with the communication unit of the ministry, a pupil of the primary five named Comfort from the crisis home aired her pleasure as to the consistency in them getting their meals at the right time saying that the food is well prepared and given with love. Speaking further, she thanked the ministry for feeding her not just physically but also spiritually and otherwise and pray God to always provide for the ministry in every way possible.

 The ministry is doing her very best to ensure that students under scholarship are well fed and taken care of as no one can survive or even learn on an empty stomach. The estimated amount of money spent weekly on feeding alone is mind-blowing knowing that the ministry is a nonprofit-making establishment but a soul-winning ministry getting most of her funds through faith in Christ with supports and sponsors from friends of the ministry who have a passion also for propagating the gospel of Christ with their material resources.

Anyone can choose to be a part of this vision by helping in one way or the other in providing the basic needs of these children that have become the responsibility of the ministry even as the scripture puts it in Acts 20:35 “… it is more blessed to give than to receive”.

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