The Centralisation of Australian Life


In the decades after WWII, the rural areas of Australia were developed. Large dam and irrigation infrastructure meant massive produce in farming, mainly through the private sector. Farming families often became wealthy and rural communities thrived. Churches were the social backbone of the communities, and one local church could sponsor a missionary family somewhere in the world. The gospel and helps were offered to many others.

From the 1980’s, the ability of the private family to participate in local and global development has greatly reduced. Infrastructure development has stopped and regressed in many regions, not only in Australia but other like western civilizations. Farming has also been increasingly corporatized.

(It’s said regressive infrastructure is for the good of the climate, but instead it’s to move “investment” [fake printed money/ money laundering] into the speculative portfolios of the wealthy. Nature is also now a speculative asset on Wall Street, adding trillions to their portfolios. Now countries are forced to look to China and Russia for real economic investment and development.)

Today, even communication is being monitored and regulated by big-tech. The wherewithal of ordinary private citizens to engage with and influence local and global life has been significantly reduced. Land, farming, food, mobility of finances, control of communication, are increasingly coming under the management of centralised global groups, like the WEF. The ordinary private citizen is becoming more and more limited.

All this has taken place through a series of “crises,” each one designed to hand over more control to central powers. Water crises, credit and banking crises, global terrorism crises, climate change crisis, virus crises, internet security crises, corruption crises (to justify taking away cash in a digital system of finance), interethnic crises and crises in wars, have all combined to dimmish the private citizen and the impact that local people can have on their own futures and on the futures of others, through their personal choices in charity care and outreach to communities.

Choices have been removed, and along with them, the ability to contribute to public narrative. Mostly, contributions to narrative are censored, stigmatised, or even illegalised, at the cost of one’s personal earnings, or even their freedom. Many are being murdered for speaking out. At the same time, a false narrative is peddled about these “crises,” without the possibility of open discussion or debate. When this happens, we are witnessing a large-scale crime.

Every one of these crises, whether fully or partly engineered and manipulated, takes away more sovereignty from local community and private citizens to help and serve others, and places this power in the hands of a few. It is by design. No other explanation is possible. It must be stopped. It must be turned around, before its too late. Governments must reveal their hand. It’s the same old colonial struggle, inching back control, to widen a grip on power globally. To have our nations governed democratically, we must be involved, take responsibility.

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