Saying No to Cecil Rhodes

Most of us have heard of Cecil Rhodes. He dominated southern Africa in the nineteenth century, exploiting her resources and subjugating her people. Africa was seen as the property of the industrial nations and politics within Africa were steered to enforce this worldview. Rhodes made his fortune as just one player in the larger global empire and dedicated his wealth to the ongoing interests of those in power. The infamous Last Will and Testament of Rhodes was dedicated to strengthening British-led control of America, to solidify global hegemony by the English-speaking world in the decades to come. The vision of many in America is multipolarism, a non-imperial worldview, but American politics has been infiltrated throughout her history with (what we may call for brevity) the Rhodes’ vision of global empire.

Many of the political bodies to spring from the Rhodes’ school of thought include the Round Table, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR is dominant in America’s Biden government), Chatham House in London, Bilderberg, the Club of Rome, the Trilateral Commission and many more. These are influential bodies and have maintained control over other institutions, such as the Bank of International Settlements, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Economic Forum. Henry Kissinger was a frontline advocate of Rhodes’ policies, control over the resources of developing nations. See the Kissinger Report of 1974 (then secret) which spelt out this policy in detail, which included ongoing subjugation of Nigeria and her development. Today’s global climate change policies for depopulation and non-development of nations like Nigeria, are a current expression of the Kissinger subjugation doctrine.

The Rhodes Scholarship has been used to train many leaders of the British Commonwealth and other nations in the philosophy of Rhodes, which means keeping stability in the world through the dominance of the Anglo-American alliance. A theory of economics, including the privatisation of public assets, comparative advantage, unprotected economic borders, austerity, speculative rather than real investment, Malthusian modelling (negative view on resources and innovation), has kept nations underdeveloped. Bodies like the Centre for Democracy and Development, established in Britain and Nigeria, the National Democratic Institute, and the International Republican Institute, become fronts for political interference, with the pretence of advocating for democracy. Players like Stacey Abrams and Victoria Nuland were recently dispatched to Nigeria from America, to "assist” with Nigeria’s presidential election. Nuland was involved in the coup in Ukraine in 2014 and architecture of the present war there. One shudders to think why Nuland was in Nigeria.

Rhodes scholars are trained to use the language of democracy, human rights, and environmentalism to mask their purpose, like the recent censure of South Africa and Nigeria by the Financial Action Task Force, for “allowing money laundering and terrorism support.” Such punitive censure of other nations for selfish purposes is injurious to hundreds of millions of people. Those who interfere in other nations will support known criminals for public office, who comply with their policies. They favour thieves because they can control them, and they falsely accuse innocent leaders who stand for the welfare of their people, destabilise their rule, or even kill them.  

America’s real complaint against Africa is that she is looking towards China and Russia, multipolarism, looking for African controlled investment in energy resources, infrastructure, and industry, desperately needed to alleviate conditions for over a billion people. Blinkin, USA Secretary of State, was recently in South Africa to reprimand their openness to mutually beneficial business with Russia and China. South Africa strongly protested Blinken’s disrespect for their sovereignty. A recent meeting of African leaders with Biden in Washington yielded nothing helpful for African people, only further threats.

There is plenty of evidence to show who the main money launderers really are, through the global military industrial complex, weapons smuggling, drug trade, human/ child trafficking and Western-led offshore banking. Currency manipulations and “colour revolutions” orchestrated by people like America’s George Soros, lead to regime change around the world. America and Britain repeatedly falsify dossiers to justify war and terrorism: Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, the Arab Spring, through heavily funded organisations like the White Helmets, destroying nations and countless lives, with terrorism and weapons spilling over into many African nations, ruining the lives of millions of people. And yet, they point their finger at South Africa and Nigeria, and then enforce further repression that punishes people in the villages.

The term “globalism” refers to foreign powers dominating the politics of weaker, resource-rich nations. The World Economic Forum, launched by Kissinger’s trainee Klaus Schwabe, continues to train leaders for today’s globalist society, whether political leaders, media celebrities, business tycoons, scientists, or educationalists. Governments around the world receive rewards for following their counsel, or serious punitive actions against their nations for refusing. This is no different to apartheid in South Africa, which was eventually overthrown by public pressure from the people. But South Africa is still not free from the economic and political coercion that controls the continent.

African nations must stand together to defeat global hegemony, by saying “No More: We take sovereignty to our nation and to our people and refuse attempts by those who would divide and conquer our societies. We stand as one.” We still need to say no to Cecil Rhodes. We need to unify our relationships and cooperation within African regions. We need to make partnerships with nations who respect our sovereignty, wellbeing, and seek our genuine national development. In the end, Umbutu will arise through African power. Africans forgive. They help and serve others. They don’t go to war against other nations. An empowered Africa is good for the world. Africans don't follow identity politics, and largely, on the world stage, don't seek vengeful, retributive, or counter-racist remedies. They understand grace, know we are all sinners and are called to forgive each other genuinely, with changed lives.

You can’t continue maintaining world stability by subjugating other parties. It leads to unchallengeable power, with ever increasing corruption and disregard for the lives of others. It necessitates ever increasing lies about insecurity, health, the environment, or food and resource supply, to keep people penned in. It’s the rule of fear, non-thinking allegiance. Truth dies and propaganda rules in its place, locking us in its digital prison. Over time, this subjugation must become more and more unjust, and eventually order will break down.

You must open the world to a different set of relationships, in which we work together for our mutual benefit. We are all yearning for this because the yoke of subjugation is impacting the whole planet, supressing us, so the masses can’t rise against their “masters”. We are left with a negative worldview which has come to the end of its life: it produces a culture of death and control. We must embrace a culture of life, freedom, positivism, and national development, where sovereign nations work in collaboration, sovereign alliances. It is exchanging the lie for a hope-filled future.

Neo-conservatives will not give up their war cries. On the left, they cry for war against Russia, on the right, they cry for war against China. Leaders like Lincoln, Kennedy, and F D Roosevelt (possibly Trump?), and many African, European, and Asian leaders, attempted to shun the Rhodes’ doctrine, and walk a path of mutual development and genuine environmental restoration. The day has come.

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