I Have Never Seen A Community Like This


Bernard Emmanuel shuffles between Nigeria and Cameroun because his parents are originally from Cameroun but gave birth to him in Gembu, a small village in northern Nigeria, bordering Cameroun. 

Bernard who is currently a student with Christian Faith Institute, a theological seminary here in Jos, spoke at length with the communication department on the benefits of CFM to his life. Bernard began speaking about the theological knowledge he has acquired and said he desires that other youths from his village in Cameroun could join him here. Emmanuel said that youths in his village are living wayward lives, and many have joined different armed groups that fight against Cameroonian’s army. Battles have left many innocent people homeless. So many lives have been destroyed. Many have crossed over to Nigeria to seek shelter. Emmanuel said he used to visit refugee camps from time to time and lamented on the number of young girls who go into prostitution because they are without hope. Most of these youths are without parents because either one or both parents were killed by insurgencies. 

Emmanuel Bernard (behind)  in a lecture at Christian Faith Institute, peace building lectures 

According to Emmanuel, “With what I have learnt and seen in Christian Faith Ministries, I believe there is hope for my people. If my people most especially youths in my village had access to the knowledge I have acquired here, many wouldn’t have joined the armed groups to fight. There was a day tears came down from my eyes because of the knowledge of peace and the life I witness while studying. I could see the life of Jesus and his peace clearly through the teaching with practical examples. I see people from different cultures and religious backgrounds being served without prejudice and I said to myself, 'What a community.' I have never seen a community like this in my life. I don’t know how Christian Faith Ministries can reach out to my people with this truth. My people need help in every aspect; especially this truth that has the power to terminate the violence.

Speaking on other benefits, Bernard said, apart from the truth he has received here, he has acquired or learnt some skills which will help him put food on the table. He has learnt how to make shoes and with this he does not need to depend on anyone. He also said, if youths in his village or those who are living in refugee camps can have access to these skills, it will help them a lot.

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  1. believing in prayer that the Lord will INCREASINGLY pour in millions of dollars to resource your many ministries. I am already deeply committed to many other ministries, but have given to your group and will do again. But my faith and prayers can multiply many times over, what I would be able to give.
    Thank You Father God for multiplying your mercies to CFM.

    1. Thanks Peter for your contact, prayer and support. Blessings, Kent

  2. Oh, this is Peter from Sydney Australia