True Israel - The people of Faith.


The people of faith

True Israel are the people of faith through Christ, from all races and national backgrounds. The nation of Israel in the Middle East today is no different to any other nation. 

They should have security and so should the Palestinians and so should every nation. To fight as Christians, Muslims or Jews for land is wrong and betrays our faith. It is occultic, like the Crusades 1,000 years ago. We should support each other as neighbours. 

This is Christ’s teaching.  See the parable of the Good Samaritan. Do this and have eternal life. Refuse this and refuse life. We love all children, from all ethnic and religious groups, and don’t want any to die in hardship. 

We care for all families, no matter their faith or background. This is Christ’s command, in the Sermon on the Mount. To hate any group is to follow the manipulation of the banks who want to steal the world’s resources by dividing us against each other. 

We cannot follow the banks and the kingdom of God. We must choose, not between Isarel and Palestine, but between the kingdom of God that is eternal and this world that is perishing. Do not misinterpret the scriptures because of your passion or lust. Suffer with Christ and win eternal life.

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