Highlights From CFM's 2021 Peace Conference

We are thankful for the outcomes of CFM's 2021 peace conference. Everyone who attended has positive testimonies. The conference drew people from different  locations, religions and cultural backgrounds and will remain indelible in the hearts of those who attended.  

Below are  moments of the conference.

The Imam of Bukuru Central mosque at CFM's peace conference.

The Federal Minister for Women's Affairs at CFM's peace conference

CFM Peace Conference 2021
Colonel Adbulsalaam at CFM's peace conference. This Colonel has had experience serving the UN in many nations and leading in Sambisa Forrest Nigeria and today is head of the Barkin Ladi division. He shared on ways he has been able to build peace and turn away terror, investing his own funds into programs to alleviate poverty and unemployment. Crises continue because people who could stop them instead profit from them.

Peace Conference
Federal Minister of Health, Federal Minister of Women's Affairs, the State Commissioner of Health and the Chairman of the Jos University Teaching Hospital Board look over CFM's new hospital building site.

One of many interaction times. Muslim and Christian youth were present from many different local government areas. Christian and Muslim youth slept at Wurin Alheri, an event most had never experienced before.

Professor Mohammed of Keffi University at CFM's peace conference.

Guests present at CFM's peace conference. A cross section of community elders and chiefs were present each day.

Guests present at CFM's peace conference.

Visitors still present at the end of the last session on day three.

Other guests speakers included: Barrister Abdul Haruna, former Deputy Director of Plateau Ministry of Justice 
Joe Lengs, Director General Plateau State Peace Agency 
Adejo Haruna, Head of Zonal Office, North Central 2 IPCR Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Joined by the Chairman, Barkin Ladi LGA and many other community, political and religious leaders, and by many kind well-wishers from communities where CFM serves

CFM Peace Conference
Rev Aiso, conference organiser and Registrar CFM. CFM staff, CFI students, CFM disciples and home schools children made room for and served the invited guests during conference sessions, meals and overnight accommodation for three days.

Peace Conference
Local coordinator (left) of CFM's computer centre at Barkin Ladi. He was so sincerely thankful. He said CFM has already transformed 500 individual lives in the few years we have been in Barkin Ladi. All regional coordinators and youth spoke to us the same way. It was a real joy for us. The Bisichi computer centre also now has children being trained form the local government school. This was great to hear, as this was part of our original plan for the centre and it's great to see these children who have nothing getting this learning. These local government schools are the best in their regions, but are completely barren and broken, and yet they are filled with so many lovely children.

The planning for this conference was low key, low budget, with the main invitation of delegates going out just two days before the conference. 820 delegates came from outside Wurin Alheri during the four days (including Sunday.)

There was a mixture of elders and youth.

It's a place free and comfortable, where everyone can taste the joy God has given us and learn.

One oft repeated phrase in the various sessions: "God forgives us if we forgive each other."

Paul Shettima, one of the conference speakers and Provost of CFM.

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