Peace Is Possible


It was a moment of silence and regret over the loss witnessed as CFM’s team drove pass Miango settlements affected by crisis or arm banditry to a peace conference organize by Avant Garde, an arm of Christian Faith Ministries for peaceful coexistence/living between Christian and Muslim communities in northern part of Nigeria. Deserted houses most especially by the road side were characterized by either ashes or holes from bullets used by the arm bandits that ransacked or invaded Miango community in Jos North of Plateau State. It was a pity to imagine peasant farmers with their innocent children who were surviving on farming activities now reduced to poverty specimens.

Miango community is about 20 kilometers away from the Jos town and the people are mostly farmers. The community habitants are from different ethnic and religious backgrounds. They have lived together in peace and harmony for more than two hundred years without any record of farmers-herders clash or any banditry attack until few years back when farmers-herders clash became common with the increase of Insurgence activities in northern part of Nigeria.

The peace conference which was held on 11th of September, 2021 within the distressed Miango community was another historic peace conference. The meeting which most residence described it as first of its kind has brought light which the community needed at that moment. The meeting featured different personality cut across differential religious leaders within the community, representative from various youth groups both from Christian and Muslims, security personnel from the Nigerian Police and the Military.

After various talks from different representatives which include Professor Kent Hodge, Plateau State government representative on peace matters, religious leaders, security personnel, youth leaders and so on, it became clear that such gathering or conference was expected long ago before the convergence date. Everyone wished and prayed the peace and unity emanated from the peace conference endured to eternity. The Peaceful atmosphere was so obvious, religious or ethnic divides were not seen or felt after the meeting, Christian youths were seen taking a photograph with Muslim youths. The sitting arrangement during the lunch which was served after the meeting spoke more of a community that has been healed from ethnic and religious divides.

Indeed, understanding brings light and light brings peace. The enlightenment received from the peace conference glowed in the faces of people who had little or no knowledge of what it takes to remain united in face of misunderstanding. There will always be misunderstanding, but it takes wisdom and understanding to remain resolute to peaceful coexistence and this was what this meeting made possible.  

Everyone who has ever witnessed crisis will never wish to witness it for the second time. There has never been gain or progress with a society that has always been in crisis like communities in Plateau State and other parts of the world. There is no doubt that crisis leaves the community affected in untold hardships. Apart from losing their lands and houses which took many years to build, families are exposed to poverty, shortage of food and emotional trauma that can degenerate into further decay of any society.

There is no doubt that this community needs help from caring hearts to repair or rebuild their houses. Some of these people lost everything as a result of fire ignited by bullets from arm bandits. Christian Faith Ministries even before now, in her little capacity has been reaching out to the vulnerable in the community. This is the community where one of Kent computer centers is situated. A computer center that has brought Christian and Muslim youths together before the major attack which occurred recently.  More has to be done most especially to those who don’t have neither bed nor a blanket to use during the night.

Please pray for Christian Faith Ministries as she plans to reach out to more people affected by the crisis.

Below are some images from Miango Peace conference.

Plateau Peace conference

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