Real Economies Saves Millions of Lives


Nigeria was one nation mentioned in Henry Kissinger’s secret government report in the 1970’s (now released and easily found on the internet), in which development would be deliberately curtailed, enabling the West to have ready access to her resources.

Malthusianism (the theory that resources are diminishing and so populations must be culled) is the basis for “climate change” fear, enabling corruption that further pins back the use of resources for the teaming populations of undeveloped regions. But a major reason for this theory is it provides massive opportunities for money laundering, just as does the “war on terror” and prolonging the war in Ukraine. King Charles is using "climate change" fear to push trillions of our dollars (e.g., pension funds, government debt) into “saving the planet,” but in reality, into his own and his friends’ pockets. (See my previous article on the Parables of the Minas and Talents.)

Due to new trading laws, the elite are becoming heavily invested in natural processes (e.g., pollination, carbon dioxide sequestering, photosynthesis, air, water and many more) as a new asset class, trading land speculatively for trillions. It is by far the largest market in history. It is expected to expand the elites’ private portfolios eightfold, without them producing anything, “reaping where they have not sown.” It's like any speculative market: it makes trillions in fake money until the bubble bursts, then the masses foot the bill. See link. At various occasions, including COP26, Charles stated he wants governments to initiate a military kind of response, in directing trillions of dollars annually towards saving the planet from imminent total destruction. Klaus Schwab claims governments must invest massive amounts in this new asset class. See linkThis speculative avalanche will further bankrupt our economy: no real investment in industry, such as nations need to sustain populations. 

See the Dutch farming “crisis” today, taking away land from its rightful owners. Another “commons” grab is currently going through parliaments globally, in the guise of responding to an environmental emergency, that will price hundreds of millions off their land. The fact that leaders all arrive at their climate conferences on private jets shows this is not about saving the planet, but about building their own wealth and control. And it's based on the promotion of fear, whereas “Jubilee” in Moses returns land to families, prohibiting oligarchs, who would force us to eat their laboratory made insects instead. They love false emergencies, for there is no end of crimes they can commit against humanity in an "emergency."  

This fear has been pushed for decades. Back in the 1970’s we were told oil reserves would soon finish, causing massive disturbance to our economy in Australia, with the poor suffering the most. Those pushing this doctrine knew then it was a lie. They creamed off huge profits in the false crisis: the rise in fuel prices. Natural crude old reserves are being naturally replenished in the ground, faster than we can use them. White collar crime goes unpunished, while the poor are punished for stealing bread.

We have been told that economic downturns are unavoidable, while these are actually human-made crises for profit taking and to expand the ownership of a few over the economy. An historical review shows this for crises like the Great Depression and the 2008 bank crash. They not only afforded massive economic growth for the elites, but also political opportunities arising out of the ruins of the masses, like the attempted fascist coup of 1933 in the USA following the depression. The coup was led by the banks and leading corporations that instigated and profited from the depression, yet no one went to jail for it. This is the same political takeover we see today. 

An economy with regulations against speculative investments would never bust. Such an economy prevents the use of credit and savings meant for real infrastructure, resources, and jobs (with a living wage), being used instead to elevate the elites' wealth, who grant to themselves "crisis-funds," instead of being loyal to and building their nation. In the 1960's in Australia, one family could meet all its needs on one income. In a properly regulated economy, debt is always repaid because it is used to build real things that produce real things, with noninflationary earnings power. We have no genuine shortage of any resources, whether energy or food. All shortages are manmade. Shortages are made to sabotage the poor, bankrupt the smaller players, and build the economic control of a few.

We have available today almost free and almost unlimited energy resources. Among these are third and fourth generation nuclear fission. New nuclear technology is very safe, and uses past nuclear waste as fuel, dealing with the waste problem. We are also very close to having nuclear fusion technology, which is even cheaper and safer, giving near unlimited energy. However, bringing this energy online has been hindered by criminal interests, who don’t want cheap energy for the masses.

It's easy for these interests to pay people to beat drums about the danger, and to say that we should instead forgo the use of energy and not care for those people without it. This is fine for the elite. Meanwhile, far more people die, and our environment continues to be destroyed and lie in ruin, because people don’t have access to cheap energy. In Nigeria today, hundreds of millions of people are living on the brink and dying because of a lack of energy.

The answer isn’t to cull the world’s population, but to stop criminal corporations destroying lives and the environment by restricting genuine solutions. We cut down trees in Nigeria today because it’s the only fuel people can afford. Nuclear energy is just one solution that would save countless lives, instead of killing them. Large scale wind, solar and battery technologies use more resources than fossil fuels and use more energy to produce than they generate in their lifetime. They are an environmental disaster on a large scale, and they don’t provide enough energy to save lives.

Since Henry Kissinger, Western banking policy has been to deliberately curtail real investment in infrastructure in Nigeria. This is cruel and it’s a continuation of colonialism, still led by the London Corporation and its offshore banking system, set up after the Second World War. Modern “human rights” is a sham, while the real beast underneath is still in the image of the British East India Company, with its slavery and opium wars, that brought down nations and destroyed so many lives. We still face that beast today, in its lies to bring about globalism (neo-feudalism).

Nigeria needs to be allowed to develop both with her local resources and in partnership with others. To do this, the economic dictatorship it is being held under must give way to a multipolar global economy, in which different nations and parties may participate towards real development without being sanctioned and destroyed. Printing trillions in fake money during “crises” to prop up the elites’ private wealth must stop. It must give way to real currencies being backed by real commodities and the development of real economic capacity, that provides for the people’s real needs. This is human rights.  And the thieves need to be jailed. 

We have had wicked governments and corporations before, and with them we had William Wilberforce, John Newton, the Wesleys, William & Catherine Booth, and many more. They forestalled God's judgement and defeated evil with the gospel. In each generation this must be done, and it can't be taken for granted 

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  1. Good perspective there. Very unfortunate that the real African economic capacity is still raw.