The Economics of Peace


Peace is derived from the gospel of Christ, and the gospel of Christ includes humanity in her wholeness, which means every part of our lives. The gospel embraces the spiritual (heavenly) as well as the natural (earthly). The heavenly and earthly are to come together in Christ, who rose from death with a heavenly (spiritual-immortal) natural body (flesh and bone), thus bringing heaven and earth together, as it was meant to be from the origin of creation.

Denying any part of this heaven-earth creation is to break down the shalom (balance) of creation. The term “peace” means wholeness, balance, or harmony between the parts. So, any interest in peace, must be an interest in all parts of life. We need to understand economics, as part of God’s gospel plan for creation.  In Genesis 1-2, heaven and earth and all parts of creation combine in a symphony, contributing to the wholeness of each part. Therefore, atheism, or Darwinian materialism, is doomed to fail. It is monopolistic, denying other parts. It gives rise to monopolistic oligarchs, subduing and controlling other parts for its own interests. It gives rise to imbalance and the death of the creation.

So, a part of this wholeness must be economics: how we arrange our lives as community for the wellbeing and justice of every member. We cannot consider peace, not in the long run, if we don’t consider our economic arrangements as community, as essential to that peace.  So, economics is not beyond the scope of gospel-people, not of peacemakers. Rather, it is essential to the program of both. God wants humanity liberated in Christ, from sin, from spiritual death, and from injustice. He wants our communities to experience salvation, peace and economic wellbeing. It is the recent Malthusian agenda, which demonises economic wellbeing as “selfish,” and seeks regression in community infrastructure and development.

This, of course, suits their monopolistic profit motive. Take banking, for one example. Its program should be to advance credit to a society for the real economy. By real, we mean real development, infrastructure, that is fashioned by the best technologies, to both nurture the environment and the wellbeing of humanity. (The claim that energy and infrastructure growth are counter to the environment is false. In Nigeria, for example, it is the lack of cheap energy that is destructive to the environment. People use firewood instead. And with energy, the Sahara Desert would be turned into a productive farm. It is economic degradation, lack of peace, and war, that spoil the environment.)

Back to banking. Banks have changed their agenda, from promoting the growth of the real economy, that serves the wellbeing of humanity, to instead maximize their own profits. As stated above, the purpose of banks creating credit is to finance the real economy, and thus the real economy then can earn and pay back these debts. Here, there is no credit bubble. Debts are paid. The books balance. The economy is in harmony. People’s needs are provided for. Millions in nations like Nigeria will no longer perish due to regressive development. Instead of this, banks currently do not create credit for development, but they create credit to inflate the credit bubble. That is, their economy is not the real economy, but the false economy of fake money, of ever-increasing prices in speculative asset markets, where all wealth transfers to the elite. It is plain robbery.

Therefore, the global economy is in dire straits today. Because for decades, banks have been investing more and more into this fake economy, to the extent that currency no longer has any real value, and the depleted infrastructure has no ability to earn the income to serve the ever-increasing debts. These economic woes are not the fault of Russia’s Putin.

What lie has allowed this deception? In part, the “climate change” lie, which has allowed banks to cut back on any real investment plans governments used to make in the past, and instead funnel new fake money into “crises,” like the weapons industry, bank failures, viruses, and now the trillions they propose to pour into speculative land purchases as “carbon credits.” It’s pure money laundering, and it’s not only going to devastate Nigeria even more, but will devastate all economies.  

So, what is a possible answer to the global credit bubble? One, stop the war in Ukraine, stop the sanctions, make peace. Russia is working on a larger development program with China and India, especially in the Eurasia region. Don’t scapegoat these nations, like we have generally done in the past, but compete and cooperate with them on fair and just terms. This is a proposal that goes all the way back to Thomas Jefferson and later Abraham Lincoln, and after him FDR Roosevelt, John F Kennedy, Bob Kennedy and Donald Trump, for economic cooperation between East and West, for mutual real economic development. That is, these people saw America, not as an imperial force, but as a peaceful force that broke down local and global imperialism, to bring a faith-based, creational ethic of holism back to our communities. This is what they meant by “patriotism,” saving nations from the oligarchs.  

When the Soviet Union collapsed, Boris Yeltsin’s Minister of Foreign and Economic Relations, Sergey Glazyev, resigned, when he saw the path Yeltsin was taking would open Russia to be raped by the Russian and global oligarchs. Later, Vladimir Putin reinstalled Glazyev as the chairman of the Economic Policy Commission of the State Duma. His policy now is investment in the real economy, to ensure currency has real value in infrastructure and commodities, to deflate the credit bubble.

This is the future, as American economist Lyndon LaRouche foresaw decades ago. A relationship of peace and cooperation, not economic and kinetic warfare, is the way to bring the currency back to real terms, while promoting development for the poorer regions in the world. And if we do away with the Malthusian lie, and stop culling the human population, but rather promote their wellbeing and the wholeness of their communities, then their future inventions will bring about technologies to advance environmental and energy programs, better than any we have known in the past. Oligarchs want to prevent new knowledge they haven’t patented and control. God wants us to have it and to share it, for each other’s betterment.  

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