I Have Been Trained, Equipped, Empowered And Transformed


Janet Samuel an indigene of Kwara State is one out of hundreds of children in Christian Faith Crisis Homes that has been save from despair to a promising future. Like most of these children in CFM Crisis Homes, Janet lost both of her parents. She is the only surviving child of her parents.

Janet, a seventeen-year-old girl, who spoke in an interview with the Media and Communication recently, said she lost her father at a tender age of three (3), and about few years later her mother followed suit. Janet could not tell the reason for her parents’ death as she confessed to the media that she did not even know her father or mother dues to the controversy surrounding the whole thing. She was only told by her grandmother who she grew up with that, both her mother and father died. All these were kept secret from her until of recent when she was about to register for a national Identity which requires details information about her parents. Her Aunt who took her from her grandmother brought her to Christian Faith Ministries because she was not financially buoyant to feed her and at the same time send her to school.

In her words, “I was living in despair, I didn’t believe I will come this far looking at the situation surrounding me by then.  My Aunt who heard about God’s loving Kindness through Christian Ministries brought me here to be educated and indeed I have been trained, equipped, empowered and transformed. For all the years I have spent here, I see my self been transformed into a better child. For example, I was so stubborn, easily angered and a lot more but I now see myself different from the way I came into Christian Faith Homes”.

Janet was also asked whether there were instances whereby she was denied access to any of the facilities or benefits as a result of her background or anything attached to her. In here response, “not at all, no child in the home was given a special treatment, we all have fair treatment. I personally have full access to Christian Faith Vocational Skills Acquisition Centre from where I have learnt soap making, Computer, Hair Styling and tailoring. These skills cannot be taken away from me.”

A Photograph of Janet with Brightness and Lois both from Christian Faith Crisis Homes

Janet has about one month to sit for her secondary school final year examination which will determine her next move in her academic dreams. She spoke about reading law in the higher institution if she will ever be given that opportunity. She said as a legal practitioner, she can be able to defend the poor from all forms of injustice and she intend setting up a platform where she can take care of poor children, the way Christian Faith Ministries has been doing.

We can’t imagine how peaceful, loving and better the entire world would’ve been if tears from these poor and helpless children aren’t ignored. As a result of global challenges most especially in this Covid-19 period, more families are turning to Christian Faith Homes for their children’s education but with limited space and budget on ground nothing can be done. Food prices and other values are on the increase.

Janet has every reason to thank God for this opportunity because there are many more children out there in the street without shirt or shoes on their feet. Christian Faith wishes to reach out to many more children as financial door opens.

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