The Future Begins Today


The future will expect begins today; tomorrow begins now. Youths are known to be leaders of tomorrow and any society or nation that does not take youths into account will live to see disgusted and violent community. societal ills which are common among youths have been attributed to illiteracy or unemployment and poverty.  

Christian Faith Ministries believe if these youths are not engaged and properly informed today, we will all live to witness a restless community we can not imagine. For this reason, colossal amount of money is been spent on ICT facilities to train youths both far and near as a step towards a better future we hope for.

While empowering these youths to be self-employed, modules like ‘ Ethics’ and ‘peace building’ have been introduced as a deliberate attempt to create a peaceful atmosphere where development will thrive. These Modules highlights some of the important aspects of conflict management or resolution, regard/respect to one’s personality, culture and religion.   

A picture of ICT instructor with students during introduction to internet knowledge 

Thank God for daily testimonies we receive from youths about the skills they acquire in Christian Faith Ministries. Many who depend on their relatives are now doing well in their field.

Many youths are coming but there are limited spaces and equipment to take them at a time. We pray for more resources to acquire more ICT facilities to engage more youths here in northern part of Nigeria.

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