An Essay on Nigeria’s Economic Future

Disconnecting from the World Economic Forum, to form mutual beneficial partnerships with others.

The World Economic Forum represents a future of regression, slavery, and darkness, hiding our real future of genuine independence, strong domestic recovery and development, human welfare, environmental rehabilitation, and respectful international cooperation. The time has come.

  Enough is enough!

Hundreds of millions of people live without access to reasonable services for their own safety and development. Millions die every year as a result. Causes can easily be identified: globalists enforcing deliberate policies of repression upon many nations, including Nigeria; and the evil delusion that we are saving the environment by killing millions of people. It’s time to be clear, to get off the fence, to speak for the weak, as God instructs of us. “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute.” (Proverbs 31:8)

For over four decades we have gone through systemic and deliberate economic deconstruction. It’s time to take the simple but necessary steps to turn this around.  This essay looks at the causes of Nigeria’s regression in industrial capacity and addresses obvious, but brave solutions. However, the points being made aren’t peculiar to Nigeria alone, but populations of all nations today are suffering the same conditions. We don’t blame any nation, but a form of globalism that has taken hold everywhere, that doesn’t care for anyone, for any nation, but only for its own profits and control. The solutions here are common to us all, no matter which country is our home. All nations need to join together to defeat globalism, restore their domestic territories, and care for their people.

“The fruit of justice shall be peace.” (Isaiah 32:17)

 Nigeria’s Economic Freedom

The founding of the USA has lessons for us today, not because America is great, but because they sought a kind of government that is founded on godly people and not on the aristocracy (rule of the elite families). 

When the initial thirteen states of America succeeded in their revolution (1776) against the ruling oligarchy (corporatism – monopoly) of Britain, they had debt from the revolution. Britain tried to use this debt to subjugate America once again. Britain wanted to control the money flow within America, to prevent it from developing industry, so Britain could continue to take America's resources. This is what the IMF is doing to Nigeria now.

This is why the “American System” was founded by Alexander Hamilton in the eighteenth century. Britain wanted America to take further loans from British controlled banks, that would place America in economic bondage. But Hamilton instead developed an ingenious model to pay America’s former debt, while at the same time developing their nation industrially.

The American government "printed its own money:" purchased the debt of the thirteen states by issuing bonds. The states then made loans carefully targeted at developing infrastructure, agriculture, and industrial growth. Then, from the profit that the developed economy earned, the government was able to pay off their initial debt from the revolution and make America independent from their former slave masters. When a nation spends to increase real productivity, then such spending is non-inflationary. Therefore, a nation can borrow to build the economy, because this will earn income to pay the debt. And with the increased real economic output, the currency strengthens in value.

This is a model for today. A nation must take control of its own future. It must not allow foreign banks to stop it from investing at home in energy, infrastructure, and industrial development. As the economy grows, the nation can afford to pay off its debts and become free. This is the course Nigeria must take to be economically free.

Today, an international banking web, of which the World Economic Forum (WEF) is a part, is refusing nations their own banking sovereignty, national energy, infrastructure, and industrial development, and instead claiming that we must pay our global debts through “austerity,” which means the suffering of the people in economic want. “Austerity” (attempting to pay debt by impoverishing the populous, rather than through economic expansion) cannot pay off debt but makes us forever servants to the lenders. Increased income from real output pays debt. The WEF make excuses for the poorer lifestyles of the people, like covid, Ukraine, “climate change,” the threat of global bank failures, when the real reason is deindustrialisation. Their purpose is to keep us subjugated to the same global banks and aristocracy that old America fought against.

Today, politicians have been bought off by these global bankers (or they are under the threat of assassination), instead of taking the strong decisions that will free their nation. God will deliver us. 


An Open System Economy

Following on from the above, regarding the excuses that are used to prevent nations holding sovereignty over their own development, is the “over-population” claim. The public, overtime, is made to accept the idea that development poses our greatest threat. The idea is that we are too many, that the resources are not enough, and this is the reason for the austerity and suffering of the people. Development for nations to a level that would provide a good living for all, it is claimed, would destroy the planet. Their “answer” to this is to slowly put into the public consciousness the “need” for depopulation. All the main elitist organisations of our time have publicly declared that the global population must be reduced significantly from its current level at almost nine billion people, downwards to as low as one billion. These elite think that depopulation is the only way that they can maintain control.

Two philosophers from the past are used to propagate this doomsday worldview. One is the Malthusian concept (from the English economist Thomas Malthus, published in 1798), claiming that the planet is a closed system of finite resources and cannot maintain increased populations. He proposed allowing people to die, or even promoting situations where populations could be culled, in the way “survival of the fittest" operates in the natural world. People are seen as animals, and their death is of no real consequence, as opposed to the biblical view of humanity, made in the image of God. The Malthusian concept makes no room for invention (a component of the human nature) which can easily adapt resources to cater for current population levels. That is, our system is not a closed system, we are not animals subject to limited conditions, but we are inventive. We invent technologies and ways of restoring deserts and the world’s other natural environments.

The other philosophy is Hobbesian (from Thomas Hobbes, published in 1651), which claims that humans are such evil beings that they must be managed by an elite class, an imperial overlord, which he called a “leviathan” monster, to keep the human population down. This philosophy is propagated constantly by the media today, claiming that we are guilty just for living and are the main “virus” attacking and destroying the world. We therefore need some overlord who can manage us, and we need to give authority to this power, through institutions like the WEF and the World Health Organisation, to reign over our national constitutions and elected governments. We are too “guilty” to enjoy the human rights that our constitutions were made to secure.

Both above philosophies stand in direct contrast to the scripture, just as ancient pagan creation myths did. These myths posited that the elite were the gods of the earth, and the masses were their slaves, that could be killed off without any whim of conscience. The book of Genesis broke into this pagan world with the dignity of humanity made in the image of God, overthrowing the rule of the elite. It is true that sin entered God’s world, but sin that is cleansed by God, not the excuse for the elite to oppress their fellow humans. The rise of the Malthusian and Hobbesian philosophies to prominence today shows that we are returning to paganism, ritualistic cultism, paedophilia, and child sacrifice, which has come about through the undermining of Christ in our societies, from whom alone comes the liberty that God wants for humanity.

If you watch Hollywood productions, you notice a lot of doomsday films, showing the destruction of the planet, either by aliens, or natural holocaust. There is a doomsday eschatology that is also prominent in religious thought. Doomsday proponents, through fiction authors, like H. G. Wells, have become prominent in Western cultural thought and especially in our entertainment industries. This isn’t an accident. Early English proponents of this worldview were attached to the elites in Britain, like academics who came from Oxford or Cambridge, such as Charles Darwin and other naturalists/ materialists, with their closed system dictates.

British academies helped spread far leftist ideas on revolution, which today are expressed in many nations through colour revolutions, which promote social dystopia followed by an elitist utopia. Such revolutions undermine genuine representation in governments. Laws are changed, human rights are taken away, and aristocracies and oligarchs gain more power by infiltrating society through the Malthusian and Hobbesian worldviews. People begin to take on this personal guilt, global destruction scenario as the future, and cede authority to “leviathan” to take over, as the solution.

Leading award-winning economists like John Maynard Keynes and Adam Smith were also part of this doomsday scenario, proliferating the view that economics is about the distribution of scares resources, or the closed system. This worldview necessitates ongoing war and control over resources. An open system of development of resources for all people would mean the elite would lose control. “American System” economists like Alexander Hamilton, Henry Clay, Abraham Lincoln, FD Roosevelt, and John Kennedy, desired that all nations be developed and work together in a multipolar world, with no leviathan: no empire. This is a different kind of America than has developed under the coup of the corporatist, military industrial complex.

C. S Lewis wrote at a similar period to doomsday fiction authors, but the novels of Lewis spoke of global renewal being the purpose of God. Yes, sin had brought humanity down, but God had a plan for salvation and transformation, which included nature. This is the basic view of Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia, in vivid contrast to authors like H. G. Wells and many other science fiction works.

Christ comes to set us free from sin and death, with faith, hope and love, and these are to operate in our lives personally and also in our nations, where communities may be built in his image, sharing the goodness of his creation with all humanity. This is the vision of the tabernacle in the Wilderness, and of Ezekiel’s renewed creation. Water flows out from the temple healing the nations. The nations camp in mutual relationships and thus peace in God’s presence, which means no central pharaoh/ leviathan, but in renewed hearts that extend neighbourliness. This is the vision at the close of Revelation.


 Return to National Development

There are three main reasons why Nigeria hasn’t been permitted to develop. One is that the global bankers make more money from speculative investments than from investing in real development. Another is that allowing nations to develop means these regions become competitors to the banks in the future. The third is that the resources of these nations are being stolen for global corporations, not used for domestic industry. The Kissinger Report of 1974 shows the policy of the “globalists” in the last five decades. This report states that nations like Nigeria (which is named in the report) should not be allowed to develop, and its population must be curtailed, so its resources may be plundered by the globalists.

So, who are these “globalists?” They are the aristocrats. These include the wealthy royal families of Europe. The Dutch Royal family is at the centre of the WEF, and founded the Bilderberg Group, which meets secretly annually to decide on global economic, social, and political policies. The British Royal family is spearheading the “emergency and military styled move” (King Charles) towards “zero-carbon” (deindustrialisation) and the monetisation of nature. This means that natural processes like pollination, photosynthesis, freshwater ways, fresh air, soil fertility (and many others) are given a monetary value and classed as assets on Wall Street. Speculators trade on land according to its “ecosystem financials,” not according to any real output of that land in terms of agriculture. Letting land sit idle will make this “industry” eight times the current size of Wall Street and earn Ponzi scheme speculators trillions. Last year, a move was made between the Dutch government and the WEF to close the Netherland’s best agricultural land and take it over.

The two Roosevelt presidents of America show the two different philosophies towards environmentalism. Theodore was a globalist and separated nature into large reserves, cutting off humanity from large regions. Franklin loved trees and planted 500,000 in his lifetime but mixed in with human dwellings and productive activity. He built up nature and human benefit together. He didn’t love one and hate the other. This is the vision of Genesis 2. God made humans to dwell in nature, to tend and care for it.

The aristocracy and leading banking families made fortunes during the colonial years and this money is today invested into leading financial institutions, leading corporations, and leading banks, like the Bank of International Settlements, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. These funds don’t have allegiance to any nation, but only to their global investment opportunities. When Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan deregulated global financial movements, corporations were able to merge into leviathans, and move massive funds freely across national borders. This meant they could make far more money speculating on international money flows than on building domestic human benefit. Today, these leviathans hold the balance of power globally, over business, banks, governments, media, and science.

Back in the 1980’s, the IMF instructed Nigeria to remove its protections for Nigerian industry, open its border to global money flows, and privatise the Nigerian economy. They said this would make the economy more efficient and attract foreign investment. But the opposite has happened. Global interests bought up local industries, sold off their assets, and deindustrialized the nation. It has decimated the economy, wages, savings, employment, health, and all other services. This doesn’t attract foreign investment, because investors see that an unprotected, deregulated economy is not safe for business.

Today, the IMF still won’t lend Nigeria money for development, but loans to prevent Nigeria defaulting on previous debt. The IMF claims these debts must be repaid by austerity, by reducing further the services to the national population, by impoverishing hundreds of millions of people. However, we know that austerity can’t pay off government debt. Only increased development, increased productivity, increased national income, can produce the wealth to offset debt. But this is systematically denied to the nation.

Divide and conquer is the age-old tactic. What a mighty economic block West Africa could be. Nigerian politicians have commented, that if Nigeria would be allowed to dwell in peace it would become a giant in the world, due to its wealth in resources and human initiative. It is increasingly coming to Nigeria’s attention that terrorist groups like Boko Haram have global sponsorship, and foreign social media platforms have been used to destabilise the nation. Libya tried to build a pan-African economic block. Gadhafi turned one third of his desert into agricultural land, which NATO destroyed. California has done similarly, building agricultural land and forestation on what was formerly desert. Today, a fraudulent globalist “green movement” is trying to shut this irrigation system down. The same is being done to Australia’s irrigation systems. However, China is successfully reforesting huge regions by reallocating water.

It requires a growing economy to take on such environmental rehabilitation, like the Great Green Wall of West Africa, which once was pushing back the Sahara Desert, before West African economies collapsed. Nigeria has clean gas in abundance, but the people can’t access it and cut down trees for firewood. Poverty destroys the environment, wealth builds it. If West Africa’s economy was allowed to develop, it would very quickly become a major centre of prosperity in the world and a centre of environmental restoration.

This is what Lincoln, John Kennedy and FD Roosevelt envisioned: mutual regional development for a multipolar world, instead of a unipolar global empire. Winston Churchill disagreed, and with institutions like Cecil Rhodes’ Council on Foreign Relations (aka, Chatham House), taught America that to uphold the British dominions was the best way to control the world: keep the leviathan alive. See “Kissinger's Public Confession as an Agent of British Influence” online, for a description of global policy since WWII.

Prior to WWI, Abraham Lincoln’s national development policies, the “American System,” spread to Russia, China, Germany, Japan, and plans were on the board for Africa to become a major partner in their own domestic development, including the greening of African deserts. An anti-imperial, multipolar world, with mutually beneficial relationships, for each nation’s own national development, was forming. During the American civil war in the nineteenth century, Lincoln, and Czar Alexander II of Russia, who both had a commitment to free slaves and serfs, drew up plans for a railway linking the two nations through the Bering Strait. This eventually would have linked America, Eurasia, and into western Europe, opening trade to all, stopping British imperial domination of trade on the seas, building peace.

(This railway is still needed today [a high-speed rail] for the development of the Eurasia and Canadian regions. Africa also needs such a high-speed rail connection. Connecting Africa by rail would allow massive development. “Divide and conquer” hasn’t allowed this to happen around the world. We must overcome “divide and conquer,” by fighting it economically the way Lincoln did.)

During America’s civil war in the nineteenth century, Russia stepped in with its navy to protect Lincoln’s America from the globalists (the British imperialists, that supressed national development). Lincoln’s allies for national development in many foreign nations were eventually assassinated (e.g., Czar Alexander II of Russia, Sun Yat-sen, Christian president of China) and WWI and the League of Nations put an end to Lincoln’s multipolar vision.  

Alexander Hamilton, who developed the “American System” after the American war of independence in the eighteenth century, was killed in a duel by the globalist Aaron Burr. Lincoln was assassinated for American development and multipolarism (the only system antagonistic to globalist slavery). President James Garfield with anti-imperial constitutional traditions was assassinated. President McKinley was assassinated for the “American System.” John Kennedy (along with Robert Kennedy and John Kennedy Jr.) was assassinated for the same reason, and Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated for his opposition to unjust corporatism and the military industrial-complex. There were several attempts to assassinate FD Roosevelt, until he died in office, and immediately American policy changed to align with Churchill, which triggered the Cold War against the Soviet Union.

There are two economies: the real economy and the speculative economy. The real economy means investment in real development that makes real jobs and real wages for most of the population. The speculative economy means funds are not invested into real infrastructure, but into gambling on the future of financial assets. This brings inflation to the stock market, to housing prices, to different fund portfolios, to precious metals, and now to ecosystem portfolios (large park and former farming land reserves.) These portfolios are traded on the gamble that their prices will continue to rise. When there is no more money to invest in these portfolios, the prices collapse because they bring no real development. These investments are simple Ponzi schemes. The elite know when their collapse will happen and take their money out of the markets, leaving others to bear the loss.

This is how the Great Depression of the 1930’s happened. In the 1920’s, the banks took pensions and savings money belonging to others, and invested into speculative portfolios. Before these portfolios collapsed, the banks took their profits out and let normal people lose everything. This could happen again today. James’ advice is best. Don’t invest in these markets, but in God’s kingdom and people. (James 5:3)

The point is, those who invest in speculative markets add to the suffering of nations like Nigeria. When funds are directed to speculative markets, as much of today’s economy is, then the funds are not directed to development, because development gains lower profits for the “get rich quick” people. When funds are taken away from development, then hundreds of millions of people suffer directly as a consequence. Speculative investments need to be seriously curtailed by governments, for nations like Nigeria to recover and for people to be rescued.

This was the idea behind “Glass-Steagall”, the names of two people in FD Roosevelt’s government who put forward laws to curtail speculative investments. Many speculative investors that caused the 1930’s depression were imprisoned. (Today, such are given bonuses.) Roosevelt’s government separated speculative funds from commercial banks, savings, pensions, mortgage trusts, industrial securities, and other real infrastructure. Gamblers were not allowed to use any of these funds for “investment” that wasn’t directly developing the real economy. It’s called the “Glass-Steagall wall,” that shuts off the wealth of the nation to risky or fraudulent investment schemes. Thatcher and Reagan took this wall down and today the hard-earned wealth of most of the population has been stolen and placed into speculative markets to keep them from crashing.

Whenever governments “print” new money, most of it goes into these fake speculative markets and not into real national development. The money is given to the rich. The rich are bailed out, by a kind of socialism. It is justified by the criminal concept of “trickledown economics,” claiming that the wealth of the rich trickles down to the poor. Wrong! The way to lift the poor is to lift the real economy, whether the rich like it or not.

The only way to save this situation, is for governments to take back their authority from the globalists, refocus their national banks on domestic development, secure the real private assets of the people, and then let speculative markets crash. Bail out the real economy, but don’t save failed Ponzi investments. Any government that tries this will have to face the rage of the elite, but this is their duty. When this has been done, then Nigeria (and ordinary people in Western nations also) will recover and flourish as an economic power, to care for people.

So, how can a nation like Nigeria pay off its debt, if not by austerity? The same way America did after the war of independence and after the civil war! Britain wanted to control the money flows within America and to stop it developing. But America then separated its bank from global control, and loaned money to its states that was carefully directed towards infrastructure, industrial and agricultural devolvement. The profit from this improved economy then paid off the debt from the wars. This is how America became an economic powerhouse, while paying off its loans at the same time. This is what Nigeria must do. It must take control of its own banks and finance, lend domestic currency to real economic development, protect its domestic economy, and use the profits to pay off its former debt. This leads to genuine independence.

When Nigeria spends on increasing productivity within its nation, then that spending is non-inflationary. In addition, an increase in productivity increases the value of the local currency: the naira. Without this increase in Nigeria’s infrastructure and produce base, its currency cannot recover. Just in the last three years, the naira has again lost half its value, and the IMF’s economic policies of deindustrialisation and austerity for Nigeria are directly responsible for this. The savings of Nigeria’s wage earners have been stolen by the global elite, by the devaluation of its currency through a globalisation of her economy. The way out is simple: the government protects the Nigerian economy, loans money to develop Nigerian infrastructure, gains increased productivity in return, earns increased income, pays its debts, increases the value of its currency, and increases the value of wages and savings. Economic boom.


 Rejecting the WEF and its Energy Policies

Propaganda tells us if we don’t accept the WEF’s globalism then we are evil nationalists. Nationalism has been demonised, like Hitler demonised the Jews in WWII. In America today, “America First” people are called far right-wing terrorists. But for the most part, beyond the medias’ lies, these people are mild mannered. They desire to rid their country of corruption and global dictatorship, which have taken over governments and judges, destroyed America’s manufacturing base and energy independence, and impoverished millions of people, while building illegal markets in money laundering, drugs, paedophilia, and human trafficking. Those who say anything about this are illegally monitored, and their houses raided by the FBI, because they exercise lawful and peaceful freedom of speech. They do not express hatred towards others, yet many are arrested, and some are mysteriously killed.

Cities like Detroit in America, that once had industry and strong families, now lie waste. Some cities are ghost towns, just drug and crime centres. Many are impoverished, including African Americans. The same people who decimated these centres force us to bow our knee for Black Lives Matter (to divide us), while they rape Africa of its resources and blockade its development. I am not saying this for America and Africa’s sake only, but for Britain and for all nations. (Britain has been taken captive by the globalists, just as other nations have.) Correct nationalism is to protect our nation from plunder, sin, and corruption, and rebuild industries to care for people. It is to make sure governments serve the nation, and not the interests of global money lenders. This is not racist. It helps everyone. Bad nationalism interferes in the affairs of other nations, sponsors imperialism, and doesn’t care about the welfare of others. Good patriotism is to care for your nation’s true welfare. False patriotism is arrogance and military imperialism. To say No to the WEF, to a globalist dictatorship, to rebuild your nation, is not racism, it is humane.

Maintaining steady manufacturing conditions used to be the domain of left-wing labour parties in Western nations, ensuring wages were kept at reasonable levels. Left-wing politics in these nations has changed, with these parties now siding with global corporatism, deconstructing industry and wages in Western spheres. This has particularly taken place since the “New Labour” of Tony Blair in Britain. Left-wing parties side with the privatisation and globalisation of large sectors of their economies, side with “austerity” and with big-pharma’s mandates upon billions of the global population. The “left-wing” has deserted its original charter and is following corporatism into militarisation, a proxy war in Ukraine, and transhumanism. It no longer protects people. In standing against the WEF, we are taking the place of the left-wing’s former sphere of interest, in protecting the weak, rebuilding local productivity for workers and wages, to make families strong.

Whereas the left-wing was once pro-life, protecting us against the interests of profits, it now opposes life in every sector. It is anti-family, anti-community, anti-babies, anti-faith, anti-religious freedom, anti-human rights, anti-freedom against corrupt governments, anti-protection from powerful corporations, anti-protection of pensions and savings, anti-decentralisation, anti-transparency, and anti- separation of powers. It supports the elite, not the poor. We have moved so far from life, that we urgently need a restoration of traditional values that hold our families and nations together in prosperity. Without faith, we have lost the vision of life from creation in the scriptures. Unless we depart from the WEF and regain our focus on life from God, our nations will quickly perish. We need to build life. Corporations must serve family life, not themselves. Family life is the cradle of human flourishing, community, and environmental sustainability.

The WEF has an energy vision for deindustrialisation, death, and depopulation, and is using corruption and financial clout to force this vision upon the world. When you add to this their efforts to introduce one central digital currency, along with a digital implant under the skin, and a cancel culture that cuts access to banks if you speak against their narrative, then it is clear the WEF stands for global supremacy. It’s the same leviathan. None of this is speculative: it is happening now. The literature of the WEF and associated bodies have articulated this plan for years, but in the last three years it has accelerated. Nigeria, and all nations, must resolutely resist the WEF’s plans.

Based on lies about global warming being caused by human triggered rises in carbon dioxide, the WEF calls for restrictions on farming, reduced public travel and a permanent lockdown culture. According to plans in the United Nation’s Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, which are implemented at local levels across the world, there is a relocation of populations from rural areas into urban squaller (“smart cities”), with face-recognition surveillance, synthetic foods and synthetic “health care.” This is an adaption of “Marxist styled” revolutions: create a series of crises, and propaganda to match, to move politics and humanity in a manipulated direction. At such times, we need to insist on more access to data, truth, diversity of opinion, and free communication (not censorship), to ensure we know what is taking place.

According to cycles of the sun, we are likely entering a period of global cooling. NASA satellite reports show the planet is greener today than in recent decades, thanks to green growth in China and India, the two largest population centres. The WEF still insists we move to solar and wind energy. We are currently seeing an energy crisis across Europe, due to the West’s WEF led energy policies. Solar and wind cannot meet our energy needs, if people are to be kept alive. In addition, neither solar nor wind are truly “green.” Large scale solar degrades land and animal habitat, and wind turbines take more energy to construct than they produce in their lifetime and cannot be recycled. Producing enough batteries for the world’s needs would be more polluting to the environment than carbon fuels. And how do you charge enough vehicle batteries without carbon fuels? The WEF’s plan isn’t to save the environment, but to degrade and control populations.

There is nowhere this is more apparent than Nigeria. Past global sanctions deliberately closed Nigeria’s oil refineries. Refineries in our wider African region have been killed off and blocked by the West. Nigeria has abundant clean gas, but global policies dictate it be priced at global levels, which are beyond the means of Nigeria’s 250 million people, who live without energy and cut down trees for firewood. Without energy, health care, education, other human services, and environmental rehabilitation, are all beyond reach. Poverty, death, and environmental harm are occurring in Nigeria due to the greed of foreign price fixing, and due to the policies of the WEF on “climate change.” Global cartels used the Russian proxy war in Ukraine as an excuse to fix high diesel prices, shutting down businesses in Nigeria, when there is no genuine shortage of diesel, only manipulated markets through infrastructure sabotage. This has exacerbated already massive poverty. The WEF has blood on its hands. You cannot throw a few solar panels and wind turbines at Nigeria and say, “Be warmed and filled.” (James 2:16)

If we say that manmade carbon dioxide does contribute to global warming, then it has been demonstrated that regenerative farming absorbs carbon dioxide into the soil and reforestation takes carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere through photosynthesis. Instead of cash-cropping (an imperial innovation), the environment, flora and fauna, and rural communities, flourish through crop and animal diversity. This builds rural populations and opportunities and provides an abundance of healthy non-processed food for large populations. This is the solution for our environment, for rural degradation, farmer depression and suicide, city squaller and escalating national health budgets. Nigeria does not have an over-population problem, but an industrial-farming problem, that is ruining soils, creating competition and violence between crop farmers and cattle herders. This can easily change, by turning back to interethnic cooperative farming techniques. We have done this in our own localities in Nigeria and proven it.

The WEF dictates to a nation’s moral and religious sensitivities. Nigeria has frequently stood its ground when sanctioned for refusing to accept dictates against her culture and traditional values, in areas such as faith, family, fertility, sexuality, gender and transhumanism. Dictating isn’t democracy or mutual respect, but enforcement of often demonic, or at best empty values of individualism, upon other nations. There is racism here, a cultural superiority, that “justifies” preventing Nigeria developing industries where foreign patents hold the market. We know a senior pharmacologist, whose effective treatments have been denied in markets, who has been ridiculed as culturally inferior. “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?” Such a monoculture doesn’t give our world progress but denies and hinders progress for us all.

Romantics may claim it is an infringement on African culture to encourage economic development in the continent, as though development is a Western thing and not universal to human life. Such may come across as an excuse for the wide gap in prosperity between Africa and other continents, to help “development-deniers” sleep better at night, while hundreds of millions suffer as a result. All humanity is made in the image of God and all humanity has the call to shepherd creation for the wellbeing of all. This isn’t a Western thing! All Africans we know desire to live in a nation of energy and economic growth. What we need is the opportunity to decide for ourselves what we want and not be told by others. We need genuine independence, political and financial, so we can make our own decisions. Nigerians will decide for development if we have the opportunity.

For Nigeria to have growing infrastructure, industrial output, growing family businesses, real wages, education, and health, Nigeria must answer her energy needs. This is essential. First, Nigeria must disconnect from the WEF and its dictates upon the nation. No power that enforces its will upon a nation is a benevolent power but is contrary to all standards of humanity. Second, Nigeria must take control of its own resources, develop them, and charge citizens an affordable price for energy. Third, Nigeria must produce enough energy to ensure that energy is abundant to its population’s needs, reliable and cheap, and enough to serve our neighbouring nations and build a regional economic community without sabotage. This starts by building enough refineries to cater for an expanding economy. Having the right international partners would enable Nigeria to do this quickly. Every nation needs abundant, strong, reliable, and cheap energy, and this is completely opposite to the WEF’s policies for the world.  

So where would Nigeria get this energy from? Nigeria has abundant oil and gas reserves that can be used in clean and responsible ways to limit pollution and environmental damage. By taking control of Nigeria’s banks and turning them to infrastructure development to pay her national debt, Nigeria can develop energy outlets for the nation that would produce massive domestic income. Nigeria has to say No to the WEF, and her income will soar through the roof. Nigeria can make partnerships with non WEF developers, who link Nigeria to new technologies for energy.

Among these technologies are third and fourth generation nuclear reactors. These are safe, they use past nuclear waste for fuel, and produce massive amounts of cheap energy. There is no nuclear waste problem. Damage to the environment is far less than with any other energy technology, including “green technologies.” If someone objects that a safe nuclear reactor is still a risk, and that people may die, it may be replied that millions more are already dying through a lack of real energy. Do those who object have another answer to this, that doesn’t include poverty and widespread death? New nuclear reactor technologies are far more humane and environmental than the current status quo.

Next, fusion technology is expected to come into play in the coming decades. Energy from fusion will be even safer and more abundant and cheap. Partner with those developing this technology. It produces far more energy than a nation needs, at very low prices. Technology is approaching near limitless and near costless energy. This will serve the whole population and the environment. There are matter/ anti-matter energy technologies that might be even better, that are currently under investigation. The point is humans are inventive if we have the right environment. It is deadly to too many people to be negative about the future, as though we lived in a closed technology system.

The energy needs of this world aren’t solved by corralling and degrading the human population, but by governments adopting policies in their economies that encourage invention. Current dictators may lose power in a world of open horizons, but we can’t let them stop us. Nigeria needs to partner with those who believe in the future and will help Nigeria in mutual, non-dominating relationships to achieve it. We need to stop partnering with colonial globalists who hold nations down. Nigeria can make her own decisions about her resources, energy, and economic development, and find partners who will respect her and work with her.

A nation of 250 million people needs a major ingredient to secure the wellbeing of her people and that is cheap abundant energy. Development and wellness, rescuing the lives of many millions of people, contributing to prosperity and peace, will be impossible without cheap and abundant energy. It is criminal to instil and maintain policies that deny a nation this energy. This denial is very high on a list of those things that bring death, poverty, hopelessness, drug dependency and crime to a nation. Any nation that runs down its energy and economy by oppression will see a rise in human hopelessness, addictions, crime, and violence.


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