A Setup That Has Actually Changed My Life


It was really nice listening to Solomon Ukaigwe Chukwunanso this morning as he discussed with media and communication on a setup that has actually changed his life.

Solomon, a twenty-one-year-old boy came in contact with Christian Faith Ministries homes Abuja in 2016. According him, moving into Christian Faith Crisis Homes was the last thing on his mind; he felt going into Christian Faith Homes will restrict or prevent him from living the life he had wanted. Solomon said his house was not far from Christian Faith homes and therefore, was not ignorant of the laws safeguarding the home which will interfere with his evil activities.

In his words, “I never thought of joining Christian Faith Crisis Homes even though my mother and I were fellowshipping with Christian Faith Ministries Abuja. I was unnecessary stubborn, extremely naughty or disobedient, I lived a very reckless life and I was into many other things. When my mother brought the idea of living my house to Christian Faith Ministries Homes, I didn’t think twice, I objected it immediately. I felt going into Christian Faith Homes equaled going into bondage; but my mother who was so smart enough set me up. One morning, my mother told me that Pastor Toyin Alabi, the Pastor in charge of Christian Faith homes wants to talk to me, when I went to the pastor, he didn’t talk to me immediately, and while I was waiting for him, I saw mother coming in with all my belongings. It was then I knew this is a set me up, a set up that has actually changed my life. Now, I can’t imagine myself doing those things I used to do, and I do feel very disgusted whenever I see someone doing those things I used to do. I couldn’t believe that someone like me will be transformed into a reasonable person, if God can change someone like me; it means there is no character God cannot change. I have made several attempts to defined the love I have received from Christian Faith Ministries; I have not been able to fathom the secrete behind this love, it is unconditional. Christian faith Ministries has actually done a great good in my life that is beyond human description. I have written series of poems that has to do with the goodness of God concerning Christian Faith Ministries.  I see Christian Faith Home not just as an academic environment where you come and get yourself educated; it is a spiritual environment where one discovers the true meaning of life. I thank God for this ministry and I pray that God will continue to bless and protect this ministry”.  

A photograph of Solomon with his classmate 

It is unfortunate that Solomon’s mother is no longer alive to witness what her son has become today. While Solomon was preparing for his Junior Secondary School Certificate Examination (JSSCE) in 2018, his mother passed away, Solomon’s father died earlier in 2012. Currently, Solomon is in Senior Secondary School (SSS3) and about to sit for his final year examination.

With this, no one will be quick to disagree that the world would have been lovely, better, richer and peaceful if we have more people who give or help than those who receive. There are many more children in Christian Faith Crisis Homes with testimonies to share. It will be a thing of joy if you can also be part of their testimony as you join force with Christian Faith Ministries in reaching out to many more Children.

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