I am Proud To Be A Female Carpenter


Elizabeth Zira, an indigene of Adamawa State was born and brought up in Jos, Plateau state. Elizabeth who is the last child out of six is currently the most serious and the only female student learning woodwork in Christian Faith Vocational Centre.

Everyone talks about Elizabeth's passion and seriousness in learning carpentry.  During Elizabeth’s interview with Media and Communications Departments, Elizabeth put it clearly that, she is not just passing time here, but she is serious with every bit of what she is learning. And not only that, she pictures herself establishing in this carpentry field, from where she can train other girls and also raise money for her family.

Elizabeth, a twenty-year-old girl who finished her secondary education in 2019 said she is from a very poor background and therefore, she sees no hope for now in furthering her education as her parents cannot afford to pay. And that, she has been selling fried groundnuts to take care of herself and also transport herself all the way from Tudun-Wada, a very distant place to come and learn.

Elizabeth helping out her teacher in measuring fabrics for sitting room chairs 

In her words, “I am from a very poor background, out of six children I am the last born. I Have passion for carpentry and I am proud to be a female carpenter. My father supports me morally, he is proud of my choice as a female carpenter, he has been a great source of encouragement to me. I want to make the best out of the opportunity given to me by Christian Faith Ministries to learn. I am left with just few months to complete my two-year programme, if not for the lockdown imposed by the government due to the widespread of Covid-19, I would have been through with my two years programme by now. I see myself going far with this skill and I am very grateful to Kent Hodge who has a heart to help the poor. With this help, many will live to become great in the society”.

And again, when Elizabeth was asked how she got to know about Christian Faith Vocations from that distance. In her response, “it was announced in our church and our pastor encouraged us to go, and our pastor even testified in favor of Christian Faith Ministries how they are considering the poor”.

Elizabeth appearance is that of a disciplined, simple, coordinated and a humbled pretty girl who is focused in life. It is difficult to find a type of person like Elizabeth who does not want to take anything for granted. Someone like Elizabeth needs encouragement or moral support, and if possible, empowerment to achieve their desired goals.   

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