Men At Work


God's faithfulness has been the only reason why Christian Faith Ministries (CFM) is growing and expanding everyday. CFM works by faith, in other words, the ministry does not have funds kept or has investments where money is made or generated, but as the ministry trust God for provision, new building or structures keep coming up for better and more service to humanity.

Currently, there are several buildings or structures CFM has embarked upon as an effort to enlarge her capacity to reach out to many more destitute in the community.

The new hospital structure which was placed on hold because of funds is now receiving a push, men are currently at work trying to raise up the second decking or floor. This expansion is vital considering the demands for affordable healthcare services within the communities around. More and more people are turning to Christian Faith Hospital for medical services because here, medical services are virtually free or completely free because some cannot afford to pay for it. This increases the number of people turning to Christian Faith Hospital where they won’t be held hostage for not paying up their hospital bills, for the hospital is not profit oriented. But with the limited space or facilities on ground currently, the hospital can only accept or admit few at a time. Its very disheartening to see someone going back because there is either insufficient equipment or limited space.

 CFM Hospital - Now working on the upper floor

                                                                                                                        First Floor of the Hospital New building

Beside CFM Farms, foundation for the security outpost or tower has been laid. This is to improve on the existing security apparatus on ground to make the environment more secured or safer for everyone especially Children in CFM Home. With the ongoing security  challenges in Nigeria where children are more vulnerable or target, and coupled with the fact that most of these children in CFM crisis home are from traumatized homes or areas, CFM has every reason to improve on security outfit to protect these Children  and everyone present.  

Foundation for the CFM Security Tower/Outpost 

Close to the security tower, CFM is trying to raise up another building that will be used for bakery activities. This bakery project is aimed at human capacity building. As it stands, many people, most especially youths need this bakery skills to enable them survive under this over-stretched or harsh economic due to the pandemic and other several menaces such as banditry, Boko Haram, Kidnapping, farmers-herders clash and many other societal ills.

Men at work - digging the foundation for CFM bakery services

Looking at the amount of money CFM spends on vegetables every week, there is need for a bigger green house. As the number of Children in CFM homes increases,  the demand for these vegetables also increases. Therefore, the extended green house is target at raising or cultivating more vegetables like tomatoes, carrots, green beans, cabbage and many other to augment the amount of money budgeted for these vegetables.

Ongoing CFM Green house expansion - 

Christian Faith Ministries needs your prayers so that more financial doors will be opened to complete these ongoing projects for better service delivery to the impoverished.  

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