I Was The Black Sheep In my Family

Lucky Daniel does not think he is worth being called a servant of God after being so disobedient and violent to the people of faith. According to Lucky, he has done so much evil in his life to the point that his father labeled him as the black sheep of the family. He cannot count the number of times he has chased preachers or evangelists with machetes, just because they came to preach to him or in his house. So, he felt if God was to consider calling someone in his family, he should have called any of his three brothers. All his three brothers were nice, both morally and academically.

Lucky also said he always intended to join the Nigerian army, and so he was not prepared for any other thing, not even to talk of being a servant of God. Lucky said there was even a time a woman told him that he would later become a pastor and preach this gospel. But he was strongly against this idea. And because of what the woman said, he was more irritated by the things of God and even stopped attending anything that has to do with Church. Three times he joined the military and successfully passed the training, but in the end, his name would not appear on the final list.

But at the fulness of time, God intervened in Lucky’s life. An experience that Lucky said he lack words to explain. The change is a miracle, something that is beyond human explanation.

In his words, “I have never thought of being in an environment like this because of the life I lived in the past. I lived a very wayward life; I was extremely stubborn. In fact, it got to a point that my father told me in my face that I am the black sheep of his family. If God was to call someone among us based on a moral standard or any required virtue, I wouldn’t have been an option. But when God wanted to pick someone among them, He picked me. I don’t know why, although it has been written that God chooses foolish things of this world to confound the wise. And the idea of going to a bible college came abruptly. It was not something I planned for until a student from Christian Faith Institute branched to our compound in search of a room to rent. While talking, the CFI student made mention of Christian Faith Institute as a bible college and even said he was supposed to leave to school the next day. I didn’t think twice to follow him to CFI the next day. He gave me a form and I took it to my pastor, a pastor in charge of the COCIN Church branch in Bauchi. The pastor rejected it and discouraged me from going to Christian Faith Institute. He told me that the right bible college to attend if I want to be a COCIN Church pastor was the TCNN (Theological College of Northern Nigeria). But since he wasn’t the one that saved and called me into this faith, I decided to come to Christian Faith Institute without reference from a pastor. Just like Abraham, I didn’t have an idea of where I am going to and I left with nothing except money for the application form. It was not easy but God has been faithful to me. God has used Christian Faith Ministries to bless my life. Those who promised if I went to bible college they will support me "all died." I mean their phone numbers were no longer accessible. The only person who was intending to help me lost his job. God also used lecturers to bless me, something I lack words to express. Above all, I have witnessed God’s love in Christian Faith Ministries. The ministry has taught me to consider people from different faiths; that the Love of God has no religion or nothing to do with where you are coming from. With what I have heard and seen, I would have loved to continue with my studies to the degree level, but because of the financial burden I want to reconsider my decision. For every semester, I labored while I was on holiday to get money for school fees. This is how I have managed to pay all my school fees, with the exception of this semester. And this because of the Covid-19 break that disrupted the academic calendar. All the same, I thank God for Christian Faith Ministries. I have received so much from this ministry. I believe in time to come the ministry won’t be looking for sponsors elsewhere because the people this ministry has helped or raised will supply abundantly the needs on ground”.  

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