We Are Not Left Behind


Valentina and Franca don’t want to be left behind in the ICT world. They have taken bold steps toward networking skills which demands a lot of money, time and patience to acquire. They are making maximum use of the opportunity given to them by Christian Faith Ministries to learn without spending money.

During a chat with Bang Jugu, a female computer student on computer/ICT and Peace Building, she told us that at first, she could not figure out or understand what acquiring computer/ ICT skills has to do with Peace Building, when Peace Building as a course was introduced to them in their curriculum. But now she has realized that peace is paramount in all fields of life. That without peace or the knowledge of peace, whatever skill or education one acquires is useless. Just as she needs peace in her life, peace is needed in her home and her place of work.

A photograph of Bang Jugu, Kent Computer student during a chat with the media 
on entrepreneurship and Peace Building

To these students, Christian Faith Ministries is not just empowering them with skills to be useful in the society but also turning them into peace ambassadors.

Credits to ICT teachers for encouraging these young girls to take a bold step towards networking skills. With this, one can see hope for our communities as the poor in our communities are been empowered with the knowledge of peacebuilding.

 Kent Computer female Student building internet network cables

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