These aged people have every reason to be thankful to God and Christian Faith Ministries for the special care they receive every week from the ministry. They expressed their gratitude before media and communication as they shared their testimonies and listed out several benefits which include feeding, free medical and so on. They could not hide their joy towards this kind gesture and stressed that no other ministry has done this for them. According to them, “This is the first time old people in our community have come across a ministry or someone’s mind to take of their needs”.

It has become a growing trend most especially in 21st century for most people or families to abandon aged parents or old people to their fate. Many look at old age as if is it is a contagious disease and therefore see no reason to relate with old people or aged parents cordially.

The consequence of such attitude tells or speaks more on the appearance of these aged people in the society, most especially across Africa. Aged people appear not only despised, but dirty and tattered even malnourished or starved. This compounds the high blood pressure-related menace that is common among aged people. These people who have given birth to the younger generation and have also given out all their energy, time and love, receive neglect in return in their weak states. This is a clear case of injustice!

As if that is not enough, witchcraft and other relevant evils are attributed to old people in some communities. In several instances, there had been several reports of bullying or even murder of old people because of evil or death that occurred in the family. They are held responsible for the death or any misfortune in the family to the point that, anytime there is a perceived misfortune that takes place or repeats itself in a particular family or village, old people are held responsible. Young people mobilize themselves against old people living within the community. In such manner, these old people are subjected to hardship, living in either broken houses or uncompleted/unkept apartments.

One of the aged mothers sharing her experience with media and communication during an interactive section

Haven spent time with aged or old people in the community under the care of Christian Faith Ministries, much details of what becomes of old people in our communities were spoken out. Many of them shared their experiences or views on how the society view/treat old-age or old people, and this really calls for concern. Some of them who spoke during a media section with the old people on the alarming attitude of today’s world towards old people said that, they (old people) are seen as invalid, obsolete with outdated ideas but these younger people never know that apart from the valuable experience old people have gathered over the years spent, they have invested their time, energy, love and care to raise up the younger generation or people that now consider them less important in the society. They said that the society is as bad as it is today because of their negligence with valuable experience to share. They are looked upon as dirty and stinking meanwhile these same younger generation who are supposed to take care of them abandon them in unkept manner.

  Indeed, what we witness today in our various communities is not far from what these aged people shared with media and communication. For instance, not many people check on or call their aged parents or grandparents that are well advanced in age. They can afford to call other people or spend quality time with others but not with the old. They can afford to buy nice things or clothes for others but not for the old people as if being old is a crime. And many feel that whatever is of less quality or value is good for old people. If you ask many people when last they bought things, called or checked on their grandparents or old people in their family, you will be amazed at the responses. This is to tell us of the injustice labeled against old people in the community. They are dying daily with this stigma. Instead of living blessed and fulfilled as people that have labored and deserve love and care, they are seen in most cases the root of societal ills or misfortunes.

Christian Faith Ministries has been on the forefront to shine through the dark corners of our societies. Here comes the light and they (old people) that dwelled in darkness (injustice) have seen the light. Light comes with compassion, love and care toward the aged or weak people living within our communities. Through this medium, Christian Faith Ministries has touched a lot of lives. The media team was told that many of these old people under CFM’s care have become too old and weak to come, but CFM has made room for them to be in touched. Some have passed unto glory.

A group picture of Aged people in the community under CFM's Care, giving thanks

We invite you to join Christian Faith Ministries in honoring old people. There are lessons to learn and resolutions to make in regards to these special people (old people). They need our quality time, love and care. They have a lot to share from what they have accumulated from their experiences. From all indications, they enjoy good food or fair treatment the same way everyone does. CFM has bought a television set for these special people and you can see how they interestingly focus on the television any time they come together.

Let aged people feel blessed to be part of the society and die happily when their days are up. Find old or aged people around you and pay them a visit with the little you have. You can also call from time to time to tell them how much you love them. Who knows perhaps, the blessing they have kept to themselves will be released to you.

Please continue to pray and support Christian Faith Ministries to reach out to more vulnerable people in the society.

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