How Christian Faith Ministries Changed My Life.


Even when everything around us including people and the entire community fail, love does not fail. Sincere love is all everyone needs. Love knows no barrier, religion, ethnicity or cultural background, love conquers all.

This is true for Jennifer, whose dreams became shattered after the demise of her father, who was murdered by Boko Haram around August 2014 in Biu, Borno State. According to Jennifer, after her father’s departure, it appeared like everything around her had crumbled. People she was looking up to and every system failed except the Love of God that Jennifer found in Christian Faith Ministries few years later.

Jennifer Yakubu is one out of hundreds of children from CFM Crisis Home where orphans and children from poor families are housed, schooled or trained for a better tomorrow. She was born and brought up in Borno State in a family of four, she is the youngest child of her immediate family.

Few years after the death of Jennifer’s father, her mother became curious about the future of her children. While she was praying and hoping for a better future amidst financial challenges, she heard about what God is doing in and through Christian Faith Ministries. Christian Faith Ministries missionaries had been to Borno state several times to reach out to displaced communities and has also rendered help to some refugee camps in Maiduguri, Borno state. So, Jennifer’s mother heard about the ministries through these activities and decided to approach CFM for help.

In 2017, Jennifer was brought to CFM Crisis Home by her brother, a step that changed Jennifer’s story. Just like many other children from CFM Crisis Home, Jennifer has received unprejudiced attention and standard educational training with skills that empowered a child for this century. Jennifer has just graduated from Secondary school with flying colors to face her higher studies. 

A group picture from the graduation ceremony

What would have become of Jennifer if love did not act? Love simply means God at work in humans to provide, protect and preserve. When we love or care sincerely, it means we have allowed God to act through us for His glory. There are many children in the street that need our love and their hope is our unfailing love. Just one act of kindness can change a child’s life forever. All that is required is courage, when we take a bold step, God takes over. We do not need to have enough to take this bold step, when we respond to the needy with the little in our hands, God who has enough takes over.

This has been the case with Christian Faith Ministries. CFM does not have enough resources to take care of these children and to sponsor numerous awaiting community projects on ground but trusts God daily to supply. CFM has taken this bold step and God has been touching people’s hearts to team up with her. More hands/resources are needed to reach out to the poor, hopeless and homeless children. You can be part of this life-changing project by simply praying for Christian Faith Ministries and supporting in any little way you can. You can decide to donate items or money, nothing is too little. It can be a bag of shoes or slippers, clothes or even a pair of sandals. Nothing is too small in God’s hands when it is given with a sincere heart.

To all who contributed to Jennifer’s life, she is saying thank you. In her words “I am so grateful to CFM and everyone who has contributed to the success of my life. CFM has inculcated good morals, ideas, principles and standards for me to follow. CFM has kept a close watch on me to keep me moving. CFM has not only trained me academically but has also taught me to always pray and trust in the Lord because He is not just my creator but has good plans for me as He says in Jeremiah 29:11. Real love is what I received, and I have been taught to endure and love others”.

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