Peace, Reconciliation, And Community Integration


 In a bid to foster unity among people living together in a community,  elders from different communities which comprises Du, Bisichi, Bukuru, Barkin Ladi, Bassa, Jos North and one representative from Adamawa computer center assembled in Christian Faith Ministries. The reason for their gathering is to consolidate on efforts made by CFM to restore peace in their communities. Among these elders are Imams, Reverends/Pastors who joined the forum of elders to champion the course for peace.

CFM has been making sacrificial efforts in restoring peace in communities that were once shut down by conflict. One of the ways CFM has achieved this is by establishing computer centers in conflict zones where both youths from the divides come together to learn under one roof.

This has been proven effective and the result is one of the reasons why these elders from both Christian and Muslim affected communities assembled in CFM for interaction and cooperation with the ministry. Testimonies from elders who attended the meeting from these communities added weight to known fact that the community youths are more united than ever. As a result of these computer centers, both Christian and Muslim youths interact and visit each other and are more involved with each other.

Seeing that so much has been achieved through computer centers, elders unanimously suggested that more of these centers within their communities will yield more results. One of the elders in the meeting suggested vocational skills like tailoring and carpentry, stressing that similar skills will engage both the literate and non-literate in their communities.

Kent Hodge Addressing elders from various communities in Plateau State 

CFM would like to do more but resources available are limited. It takes a huge cost to establish computer centers across different communities. Maintaining seven computer centers established by CFM across different communities is another cost that the ministry trusts God daily for supply. Yet, CFM is in discussion with other communities calling for similar projects to be established in their communities. This is to show that every community wants peace, but peace does not come cheap, there is a huge price to pay. It takes collective hands to achieve a peaceful society CFM alone cannot achieve it alone, more hands need to be on deck to build a peaceful society.

Peace is the light every community needs, no matter what it takes, or the sacrifices involved. When people experience peace, they see light. This was the testimony of one of the elderly women from a Muslim background who attended the meeting. In her words, “I want to appreciate Christian Faith Ministries for the steps taken to restore peace. Our children and wards have seen the light as most of our youths have acquired knowledge in computer. I thank God almighty for the peace that is been enjoyed in the community and amongst peers”.

It is clear from all indications that we are better together than apart, war or crisis will never profit us. Therefore, let us join our hands together to make peace. “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God” (Matthew 5:9, NIV).

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