Wurin Alheri, Site Tour


Open the video with the above Rumble link and go through the arial site tour. 

Starting from the bottom right, the land below the children’s school building, going down to the creek bed (not in view) is included in Wurin Alheri. The CFM water reservoir, to the lower right of the site, is also not visible in this video. The buildings on the lower right in the video are the children’s school, the children crisis-care home, the main site kitchen, and the main site chapel.

To the left of those buildings is a new orchard, with 500 young trees, hardly visible. The site has about 2,000 trees, most of which aren’t yet visible for a video like this. To the left of the lower orchard is CFM’s hospital building, with the main football field above. Back in the centre, moving up through the site, we have a volleyball court left of the main chapel, and left of the volleyball court, in the lower centre of Wurin Alheri, a second smaller football field. Moving further up, crossing the site road, we have the concrete basketball court. Above that, we have the new building site, a computer centre for both the children’s school and the bible college. You can see a group of students working on the computer centre building site. Just above that building site we have a fishpond

To the right, adjacent to the main road, is the first floor of Mara’s House for vulnerable women. This will be a two-floor house when completed. To the left of the fishpond is the bible college complex, including a few staff flats, but mainly boarding hostels, classrooms and the second and smaller chapel, with male hostel wings on either side. Moving further upwards on the left, we have the main library, another female boarding hostel, and then a group of buildings forming the vocational college. Then to the right, is a two-story block of four flats, where Kent & Ruth live, with other staff.

Moving upwards we have more orchards and buildings for animal farming and another fishpond. When the video stops, you can see fenced house further up, a bit left, which is one of two houses CFM built for our leading staff.

Plans, God willing:

Back down at the children’s school, one building currently in use is uncompleted: the second floor is pending. There are two other foundations there for two-story buildings waiting to be completed, to form a quadrangle. Above the lower orchard (before we get to the bible college site) there is a field we currently use for maize farming. We may build an office block and a staff meeting room there in the future. Offices are the last facility we focus on, the least pressing. That covers the whole of Wurin Alheri’s land, which is a bit bent and not quite rectangle. Other neighbours are starting to build around us, but it’s slow in this economy. The land is greener at present than it looks in this video. 

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