Revelation 20 – What Does it Teach Us?


Revelation 20

* First, Satan is bound by the angel who has the keys to the bottomless pit:

The rule belongs to God alone, and he determines the actions and limitations of the enemy. There is nothing the enemy can do about this. 

All who hear the gospel of God’s rule and belief come to life and reign with him. This is new birth through the gospel, the first resurrection.

* Next, God lets the devil out of the pit to bring his people against the church:

This is for the devil’s demise and his judgement. God surrounds his people and delivers them. 

* Next, after this judgment, there is the resurrection of all the dead (the second resurrection), for the final judgment of all. 

These are truths that apply to us all, in every generation. However, when John saw this vision, it had historical context (as all Hebrew prophets did) and application for the day and century he lived in. 

The 1,000 years means the delay before the judgment in that day. It is related to Peter’s words, that God delays his judgment until all are saved. Ezekiel also said judgement is delayed until all God’s people are marked (Ezek 9). Revelation earlier said that the four winds of judgment are held back, for the same purpose of salvation first (Rev 7:1-3). “1,000” in Greek here means full, or complete, referring to the harvest.

After the 1,000 years, satan brings his people, then old Jerusalem, against the church, which they wanted to destroy. But God brings Rome against the old city and destroys her with fire. This happened in AD 70. The new Jerusalem, the people and city of God, are vindicated. 

Then comes the resurrection of all the dead. Their resurrection from that century in John’s day coincides with the resurrection of all people from all ages, and together we come to God’s throne of judgement. 

Then, the new heavens and new earth, Revelation 21-22.

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