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CFM (Christian Faith Ministries) is a UK registered charity based in Jos Nigeria. We are a Christian organization with a focus on peacemaking and mission to Islamic and Pagan areas of Northern Nigeria. Our activities range from providing refuge for children and converts in crisis to training pastors and missionaries from grassroots areas.

Thus cfaithnews.com  simply publishes the daily activities of Christian Faith Ministries.

You can also visit www.cfaithministries.org

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  1. I never knew there was a place like CFM until two weeks ago but my contact with these amazing people, Kent and Ruth Hodge is a transforming experience. I had conflicting activities but I thank God that I decided to come for the Commissary conference.
    I saw great servant of God who are but simply, humble be and Christlike in every way. God bless Prof and wife, and entire CFM team. I pray you go from glory to glory. More grace, more wins in Jesus name.