Bible College


Christian Faith Institute

Christian Faith Institute

Christian Faith Institute was established in 2007

This was born out of a desire to equip men and women called by God with sound doctrine to eliminate polluted or compromised gospel for gain. Such polluted doctrines argue that Suffering is part of Christian Faith.

We believe in the suffering of the saints; just as Jesus suffers outside the camp to bring salvation to humanity, God can bring salvation to a person or the entire community through the suffering of His people. Apostle Paul said, "For you have been given not only the privilege of trusting in Christ but also the privilege of suffering for him." 

The Bible College (Christian Faith Institute) receives more than 300 students each semester into various programs. Students receive practical training on how to follow Jesus and serve as he served, knowing that it is in laying down our lives for others that true renewal comes. Many of these students are staying on campus, and about 95 of the students are on 100% scholarships. This means that they don't pay for feeding, accommodation, and other extracurricular activities like vocational skills. Here they get the chance to see and participate in other CFM projects. We have approximately 1200 students studying across all our programs. 

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